What is a Pizzaiolo?

pizzaioloHave you noticed the skilled men and women wearing the white kitchen shirts behind the counter? Those are the individuals who have proven they can withstand the heat and master old-world methods of dough handling (such as the Neapolitan “slap” technique of dough-stretching) and cooking with fire.

Pizzaiolo literally translates as “maker of pizza,” but it’s not as simple as it sounds. In Naples, they are true artisans, with years of experience spent honing their craft. At Smashing Tomato, our pizzaiolos are the “keepers of the flame” who bring you the perfect pizza—hot, quick, and SAUCY.

Smashing Tomato is the first restaurant in Kentucky to offer an authentic Neapolitan Style pizza, hand-crafted in the old-world tradition, using only the highest quality ingredients. At a blistering 800°F your pizza cooks in less than 90 seconds in a hardwood-burning brick oven from Tuscany, specially crafted with the design and care of the tradition started over 400 years ago for and by the Pizzaiolo.

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