Summer isn’t over!

Summer isn’t over yet—not as long as we’re still enjoying fresh, sweet peaches! This month we’d like to share a two-in-one recipe.

PeachRecipePickled peaches are sweet, fruity, and have a subtle herb flavor and a bit of spice. They match really well with cheeses and salty meats. Added to a pre-dinner antipasto, they stimulate the taste buds and offer a unique alternative to traditional salty and sour pickles and olives. Another suggestion I heard, and I’m dying to try: purée the pickled peaches to make a spread, then add that to a grilled cheese sandwich using a nice asiago and fresh ciabatta bread.

After the peaches are removed from the pickling liquid, don’t discard it. Wisk it with an equal amount of extra virgin olive oil and some apple cider vinegar to make a sweet and refreshing salad dressing.

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