Spicy Tomato Jam: Recipe of the Month


At Smashing Tomato, a pizza is cooked in 90 seconds. You can stop in for a quick meal and still have most of your lunch break free. This quickness belies the care we take in bringing food to the table. Original recipes reflect our chef’s love for fresh, seasonal eating and the folks in our kitchen (and the helping hands at Bella Notte) work diligently to make sure you get it quick, hot, and saucy.  From hand-rolling fresh dough, to baking desserts, to candying almonds for our summer salad, our kitchen stays busy making our goodies from scratch. It’s home-cooking, but with a 10-gallon soup pot.

Thanks to guest requests, we are delighted to begin sharing recipes for some of our favorites. We’re kicking it off with Spicy Tomato Jam. If your garden is bursting with cherry tomatoes like ours is, this jam is a fun and quick way to put them to use. Spicy Tomato Jam is sweet and spicy in a balanced and pleasant way, making it a great match for grilled meats, sandwiches, or a twist on the traditional caprese.

What other recipes are you itching to try at home? Share your suggestions and watch this blog page for next month’s recipe.


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