More options for Gluten-Free Pizza!

Now you can upgrade any pizza to gluten-free at our Richmond Road Smashing Tomato for just $3!

Previously, topping choices were limited and all tools and ingredients were quarantined before the opening of the restaurant, to prevent contamination by atmospheric flour. This was to assure food safety for our friends with Celiac Disease, or who are severely allergic. However, these measures also limited our ability to offer the supply and choices our guests deserve. Now you can order ANY pizza with our freshly made, gluten-free dough.

We are happy to invite guests with gluten-sensitivities, and those of you who are cutting down on your gluten intake, to try our expanded menu. Small amounts of flour are everywhere in our restaurant. Since we can not control the air quality 100%, we advise those with Celiac or strong gluten interactions to discuss with their physician before eating with us.

Our gluten-free dough is made in-house with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Pizza flour and egg. Chef is working on a new vegan recipe—we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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