Gluten-Free Pizza!

gluten-free pizza

If you or someone you know follows a wheat-free diet due to gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy, or celiac disease, pizza is probably not on your menu. At Smashing Tomato, we want people with any kind of special diet to feel welcome and to enjoy our food. Visit our Richmond Road restaurant to try the gluten-free pizza kissed by the flame!

Just like our traditional pizzas, gluten-free pizzas are handmade with only fresh, natural ingredients. We use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pizza flour. This flour is a blend of whole grain brown rice, potato flour, whole grain millet flour, whole grain sorghum flour and tapioca flour. The flour is added to live yeast in water. Then, kosher salt, extra virgin olive oil, and eggs are wisked together and added to the flour and water mixture. The ingredients are kneaded, just until a dough forms, and then the dough balls are allowed to rise overnight.

We respect that gluten allergies are serious business. That is why we have taken every measure possible to ensure food safety in accordance to your special considerations. To prevent gluten contamination, we use separately washed and wrapped cutting tools and plates. Gluten-free pizzas are baked on a pan, instead of on the stone floor of the oven, as in the Neapolitan tradition. Special gluten-free toppings are pre-portioned and stored separately before any regular flour is released into the environment.

We bake four types of gluten-free pizzas. Select San Marzano purée or our signature smashed sauce to begin, and finish it as a Cheese, Marinara, Americano, or Margherita pizza. Typically, about 10 gluten-free pizzas are available per day at the Richmond Road location only. Since this is a limited amount, we allow and encourage guests to call ahead to check availability and to reserve gluten-free pizzas.

Please use Facebook or Twitter to let us know how you liked the gluten-free pizza, or to ask us about any dietary concerns. Be well!

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